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Manifesto of the Slovak Government  (20.05.2012)

On 15. 05. 2012 the National Council of the Slovak Republic approved Manifesto of the Slovak Government for the period of next 4 years. From the document we decided to choose the most interesting plans related to the field of economic development:


-consolidation of public finances, decreasing of deficit of public finances under 3 % GDP until the end of the year 2013,

-introduction of centralized public tender aimed at increasing of transparency,

-inroduction of tax load progressiveness of income tax,

-strenghtening tax collection,

-possibility of introduction of financial transaction tax,

-completion of the UNITAS project (unifying the collection of taxes, custom duties and insurance contributions),

-simplification of administration for business entities,

-closing of the National Property Fund,

-support of employment by means of establishment of the Council of Solidarity and Development

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